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Lancaster - 2021

Saturday 11th December 2021 7pm

Matchless independent artist Sufjan Stevens has created 10 EPs of beautiful, odd, impressive and compelling Christmas Songs which have become modern Christmas classics. We have chosen and arranged songs ranging from the beautiful Christmas in the Room to the ridiculous Let’s all Boogie to the Elf Dance. We’ll have some interactive elements and readings as well.

Join together to hear and sing along with songs from pioneering singer songwriter Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas Music. 

Featuring Dot Crotchet and the Raging Harmonies, the Brander Burner Band and a glowing throng of lead singers both visiting from afar and cherished locals. 

Glad to be back at Lancaster Priory to share new arrangements we’ve made over the past couple of years since the last live performance of Sufjan’s songs in Edinburgh 2019

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