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Edinburgh - 2019

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In 2019 we performed in Edinburgh for the first time. We gathered friends old and new for a sell-out concert just before Christmas in the Assembly Roxy.


Soloists Maddy Broderick, Iona Lane, Ben Insall and Freya Nankivell sang with our new, open access community choir, led by the wonderful Matt Regan, and a fantastic multi-generational band. The hall looked warm and inviting, the audience sat around tables with candles and everyone even had a very classy party hat. This lovely design was created out of thin air by theatre designer and midwife Georgia McGuinness (who also sang in the choir).

We sang 11 of Sufjan's wonderful Christmas songs, wrote an instant song with the audience and enjoyed a mass festive game of pass the parcel. 

Quotes from the choir:


"I liked the combination of the rehearsals being relaxed and fun with a level of commitment and seriousness in order to serve the songs. We covered a lot in a short time but it was never stressful, getting to know people in the choir through listening to and helping each other. AMAZING lovely skilful and supportive choir leader. Great biscuits."


"It was great to meet and get to know a mix of people and to learn more about singing in a choir. It deepened my appreciation of the music too."


"THANK YOU all. Being involved was the most properly Christmassy thing that has happened for me in a long time. It was totally magical, joyous and communal as Christmas should be. My friends who came to see it absolutely loved being there and really enjoyed the spirit of the evening as well as the performances- they KEEP telling me!!! You really got some love and good vibes spread around..."


"Thank you so much. It was the best thing I have done this year and everyone was fantastic."

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