Every year a group of happy people gather to celebrate the midst of winter through singing and playing together. We all meet at different places all across the uk and use the wonderful 10 albums of songs by Sufjan Stevens as our starting point. We find a choir and a band, some lights and design, we have rehearsals and write out parts, we wear brightly coloured clothes and make new friends. There is laughter and applause and everyone feels like they are in the happiest living room ever and no-one wanted to leave.

On Saturday 19th December we hosted an online festival sharing versions of the songs that people filmed or live-streamed from home (or other safe spaces). This year previous performers from Edinburgh, Lancaster, Torquay, Exeter and new friends reaching as far as Ulaanbaatar, Italy, Brazil and Bangkok created videos of selections from SS’s 10 Xmas albums to share alongside a few live performances.

It was a mammoth event with 50 songs having been chosen from the albums.

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